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Sky Dive: Product


If you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush why not combine the fun of a helicopter ride with the thrill of a tandem skydive with one of our professional instructors.


We are the only operator in Australia that offers adventurous types the chance of diving out of a helicopter. The difference between jumping from a helicopter as opposed to a fixed wing plane is that with a helicopter you jump from a hovering platform, making the experience more like a base jump and therefore far more intense!

After a short period of instruction on the ground you’ll be climbing in one of our fast jet-engined helicopters and rocketing up to 10,000ft above the Gold Coast, before jumping out and coming hurtling back down towards it at close to 200kph! 

The views up there are incredible and Gold Coast Helitours can capture the whole event on video, leaving you with a jet-fuelled memento of this amazing experience.

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