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Sky Crane / Lifting work: Tours


Given the infinite versatility and the power afforded by our jet-turbine helicopters, Gold Coast Helitours can offer a cost effective lifting solution in difficult to access locations such as offshore locations, mountain peaks and remote areas with poor access.


Often the helicopter is the ultimate choice for

  • The placement of heating, ventilation or air-conditioning units on high-rise buildings

  • The insertion of signage on challenging terrain

  • Airlifting materials and equipment to remote areas

  • The placement of spas on penthouse apartment roofs

  • Airlifting materials to wilderness areas and state parks

  • Power line construction and much more...


Our lift jobs are conducted by experienced sling-load rated pilots backed up by a capable ground-based operations team, featuring loaders in constant radio contact with the pilot. Gold Coast Helitours can carry out any lift job for private clients, corporations, local, state and federal governments alike.

Call us on 07 5591 8457 for a quote today! 

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